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  • 5 star review  Luke did a great job. He is a hard worker and did a wonderful job. I would use him again.

    thumb Bob Monroe
  • 5 star review  Had coating placed on my concrete front porch on Brookside home. Very much love the new surface! Communication was great. Project completed on time. No surprises. Professional contract. Very impressed.

    thumb Joy Cuezze
  • 5 star review  One of the best contractors I have ever worked with. Personal and professional. Came in did exactly what he said at a very reasonable price. I will be using him again for other projects.

    thumb Kevin Brodee
  • 5 star review  Luke was great with detailed information about the product, communication during the installation process, and was polite and professional throughout. We went with the Graniflex 1/4" flake based on his input and responses to our questions and concerns, and are very happy with it. Recommended!

    thumb Kevin Smith
  • 5 star review  I had a really great experience with these guys, not only were they very friendly and professional but the work they did speaks for itself. It will be hard for someone to top these guys so I highly recommend them to anyone looking for epoxy flooring.

    thumb Bridget Howell
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Professional Epoxy Flooring

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Professionally installed epoxy flooring is one of the hottest trending options for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Concrete epoxy floors are not only beautiful, but they are incredibly durable against any setting you could imagine. Whether you’re in the market for aesthetics or strengths, with an epoxy floor, you don’t have to sacrifice either one.

Our team of professionals knows the importance of properly installed epoxy floors; Why? Because to reap the benefits of a strong, resistant, durable, beautiful, and affordable flooring system, it must be professionally installed.

We will inspect your floors before the installation process begins. Any cracks, sunken spots, discolored, or chipped spots will be repaired to ensure the epoxy doesn’t amplify any unattractive spots. After inspection and repair, your floors need to be swept to remove all debris before laying the epoxy flooring. The mixture of resin and hardener converts from a liquid to solid state as the coating cures with your concrete floors. This seal, when professionally installed, is the protection your concrete requires for longevity and beauty. The sealed concrete is no longer absorbent, meaning, your porous concrete will not be able to absorb any harmful chemicals or liquids that would otherwise shorten its lifespan. For more information on epoxy flooring, give us call right now!

Epoxy Flooring Kansas City

What Do We Offer?


Epoxy flooring offers a unique versatility that is only available when you hire a professional to install your floors. From a basement to a kitchen, we can do it all. Below you will find more information about our services:

Epoxy Floor Coating
Slurry Systems
One of the most popular flooring applications in most food industrial settings, slurry flooring systems is one of the cleanest and most resistant floors around.
A slurry floors lifespan will outlast any other product in a factory itself, making it the best investment you will ever make, for your industrial space. With a seamless finish and slurry, flooring is the most resistant to strong temperature changes, is installed quickly, and is an easy-to-clean surface.
These pros make slurry floors the superior option for food industries or industrial settings in general, who have to pass health codes and stick to guidelines of hygiene and safety.
Epoxy Concrete Floor
Concrete Stamping
Stamped concrete is one of the safest and longest options available for different types of areas. A stamped concrete floor can mimic different combinations of patterns, textures, and colors: stone, marble, or lumber. This option is also one of the safest options for any area that endures heavy foot-traffic because there isn’t a possibility where a piece will come loose, avoiding injury due to tripping, or stubbing a foot. The best part of stamping your concrete is these are no maintenance required to ensure it retains its patterns! A beautiful, durable, and long-lasting flooring system with little to absolutely no maintenance is hard to fathom, but we offer it! Give us a call for more information on these incredibly hard to believe floors.
Rubber Flooring
One of the rising stars in flooring installation is rubber floor options. Many people don’t even recognize that this is an option, but many residential and commercial settings are switching to a much more unique and easier option. Areas that are prone to spillage, harsh impact, and high foot-traffic have made the switch to rubber floor options because of their ease and versatility.
With qualities like water resistance and being recyclable, rubber flooring pays for itself in the end because it will naturally last for many years. Many gyms, auditoriums, health facilities, and even some government buildings have found rubber flooring to be beneficial because of the floor’s high resiliency.
Rustic Wood Concrete
Rustic wood concrete flooring has easily been called the most popular flooring option around the country because of its beauty and ability to withstand indoor and outdoor climate and temperature. These floors are easily one of the most durable options but are completely water-proof! If you have frequent guests, large pets, or a busy family, then these floors are the ones you want in your home. With aesthetics that resemble 100% authentic wood, your rustic concrete wood floors won’t need constant care, treatments, or repairs, but better yet, they are abrasion resistant. With such a sustainable and attractive flooring option, we know the choice won’t be easy, so give us a call to discuss your needs and wants. Let us help guide in one of our many flooring directions.
metallic epoxy floor
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
For a flooring option that will catch the eye of every single person who steps into your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. Metallic epoxy floors are one of a kind works of art that make your space pop and come alive. No two floors, even if produced by the same installer, will ever be the same because of the installation process itself.
Metallic epoxy can be installed to look like a 3D illusion that only your own. But along with extremely noticeable aesthetics, metallic floors are hygienic, long lasting, and slip resistant.
These floors are popular in residential and commercial settings like living areas, salons, lobbies, hotels, retail spaces, and so many more.
Pavimento in resina
Basement Waterproofing
Water-damage is expensive but most commonly caused by things you probably didn’t think of. Rain, melted snow, seepage, or humidity can all be subtle (or not so subtle) ways that your basement becomes the place of captured water. Some basements, when exposed to too much moisture, can begin to grow mold and harmful bacteria. Cracks in the foundation or structural issues can be caused or increased by water damage and that is why having your basement water-proofed is incredibly important. It is a process that can save your home from a foundation and structural issues and so it must be done right and by a professional. Give us a call to come out and inspect the issue or give us a call to prevent water damage in the first place
pool deck repair Kansas
Pool Deck Resurfacing
When you choose to resurface your current concrete pool deck you are elongating the lifespan of your current concrete, but you are saving money in the process. Resurfacing makes your old concrete look like a new and fresh floor because the process rejuvenates it bringing back its youthful look. Your pool decks vital to the overall look of your backyard and resurfacing it saves you money and time
Not only does resurfacing your concrete allow you the opportunity to spruce up your current landscape but it is also one of the best options for a green footprint because it requires fewer materials and produces less waste.
Overall, resurfacing your pool deck has many more realistic opportunities than ripping up your old concrete and laying a new one down. For more information on our resurfacing options, give us a call.
concrete resurfacing
Concrete Sealing
Whether we’re discussing your basement, garage, industrial, or commercial space, concrete sealing offers undeniable advantages, such as inhibiting mold growth in areas like garages and basements. Concrete is naturally very porous and absorbs liquids very easily, water being the main issue with mold, doesn’t dry.
Over time, leaving spots untreated can cause discoloring, mold, and peeling. Having your concrete sealed off allows the protective layer to close offer your concrete from the outside world.
Sealing concrete isolates spills, allowing you to easily mop or wipe them up before moisture, mold, and bacteria become an issue. Once your concrete is sealed and protected its vibrancy and color will be noticeable to everyone who sees your concrete.
residential epoxy flooring
Residential Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring for residential areas is still a new and upcoming trend for interior décor options. For example, the epoxy was once very much streamlined to garage and basement settings, however, in the recent advances in technology and modern styles of concrete floors, that is all changing.
Many homes, old and new, are renovating kitchens and living spaces to incorporate epoxy floor coatings because of the unconventional benefits that other flooring options do not offer. Concrete epoxy floors are being used in homes for their looks, budget-friendliness, and lost-lasting properties. These floors grow with you and your family, for more information on residential epoxy flooring, give us a call today.
commercial epoxy flooring
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Retail shops utilize epoxy floors for their looks and resistant to damage caused by high foot-traffic. Lobbies and hotels purchase epoxy floors for their incredible ability to look like a work of art. Gyms and government buildings use epoxy floors for their ability to be installed with logos and/or they’re resistant to high impact. Whatever the case may be for you and your business, an epoxy flooring system is a right choice for you. It is easy, affordable, and quickly installed, which means, your business will not be out of commission for long. If you’re tired of constantly having to replace your floors than an epoxy floor is what you’re looking for. Damages caused by high usage are common for all other flooring systems, except epoxy, and as a business owner, you don’t want to lower your foot-traffic just to keep a pretty floor. That is why you need to give us a call, today!

Wondering About the Benefits of an Epoxy Floor?

Kansas City

Affordability- an attractive reason to install an epoxy floor. An epoxy floor will last well over 15 years and for that longevity, on average, it costs $3-$12 per square foot. Resistance- epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, oils, stains, water damage, and wear and tear. They are not easily broken, chipped, or cracked by high impact and are resistant to high foot-traffic. Longevity- with such a durable surface, your epoxy floor will last decades, if properly installed. Looking for roofing in Kansas City? Contact Above All Construction.

Variety- some epoxy floors can mimic other patterns and textures like marble, wood, or tile. Colors and patterns offer unlimited options for aesthetically pleasing floors. Maintenance- little to non-when it comes to caring for your epoxy floors. Deep cleans are rare, harsh scrubbing is discouraged, but daily sweeps and mopping can help keep your floors clean and healthy. Brightness- glass-like finishes encourage reflection of lighting.
You can contact one of our partners if you are looking for masonry contractors.

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