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What You Need To Know About Our Revolutionary Garage Floor Coating

Are you tired of your garage being too dim or has your garages concrete slab become damaged or showing signs of its age? The garage is a section of the home that many homeowners call boring, gloomy or just plain underwhelming. We know that you have done your research about flooring your garage and how hard it can be to find a reliable contractor to transform your garage with high-grade materials for an affordable price. Well, you are in luck if you are in the Kansas City area because we are here to help! With one of our revolutionary garage floor epoxies, you will finally have access to a flooring system capable of:

  • Unlimited Customization
  • Superior Chemical/Stain Resistance
  • Providing High Performace
  • Incredible Durability

With our garage floor epoxy, no longer will you have to deal with the underwhelming environment of your garage. Our team of garage floor epoxy contractors has decades of combined experience installing and even repairing epoxy flooring systems in Kansas City so you can rest assured knowing your flooring is being installed properly the first time around. Want to know more about garage epoxy flooring? We have all the information you need and more down below!

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    Types Of Garage Floor Epoxy

    How We Can Customize Your New Garage Floor Epoxy System

    Most of our past clients agree that the best part about using one of our garage floor epoxies is the wide range of customization our garage floor epoxy contractors have been trained to perform. With one of our garage epoxy flooring solutions, you will have full control of what goes into your flooring as well as designs and even the ability to have logos placed into your flooring with a wide range of base colored epoxies as well. Now that you know about the basic customization abilities of garage epoxy, down below are the most popular custom epoxy garage floors on the market.

    epoxy flake garage floor
    Epoxy Flake Garage Floor
    Epoxy flake garage flooring is the most common form of garage epoxy and here’s why:

    • The additive of flakes in garage epoxy can be used in either a standard single color or with an endless arrangement of multi-colored flakes
    • While flakes can provide a one of a kind appearance, an epoxy flake garage floor can give your epoxy texture which will make the flooring system easier to walk on when it is heavily soiled or wet

    Wood Floor Epoxy
    Wood floor epoxy is an up and coming epoxy flooring system and here’s what it has to offer:
    • Wood floor epoxy offers the same timeless appearance of hardwood flooring without the hours of maintenance that standard hardwood requires to reach its full lifespan
    • By crafting our templates from real wood flooring, the only way people will know it’s not real wood is because it’s in the garage!
    • Wood epoxy unique design will also provide you with ample slip and skid resistance
    metallic epoxy garage floor
    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
    Metallic epoxy is easily the flooring industries most unique flooring system and here’s why:
    • Metallic epoxy can be customized to recreate phenomena like a sky full of clouds, foaming waves crashing into the beach and even lava flowing down a mountainside
    • Most people assume metallic epoxy is fragile, but the truth is that your metallic epoxy garage floor will use the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as an industrial epoxy flooring system
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    Benefits Of Using Garage Floor Epoxy

    Heres What You Stand To Gain From Using Garage Floor Epoxy
    epoxy garage floor coating
    Increased Durability
    Garage floor epoxy is known for its resilience and high durability so here’s what they have to offer:
    • When using high-grade epoxies, your garage floor has the ability to tolerate 25,000 PSI and compared to standard concretes tolerance of only3,500 PSI you can see the upgrade you receive
    • Garage floor epoxy is also resistant to damage in the forms of dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and even heavy vibrations
    • Garage epoxy also offers superior chemical resistance
    epoxy garage floor installers
    Investment Factor
    Heres how using a garage floor epoxy can further and protect the investment you have made in your home:
    • Garages that are equipped with a garage floor epoxy have been known to protect the concrete so well, the concrete slab can last 2-3 times longer than traditional flooring could allow
    • Garage floor epoxy even has the ability to drastically increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars
    • Garage epoxy can even help your home pass safety and inspections before hitting the market
    garage epoxy coating
    Heres how using an epoxy garage floor can make your garage safer:
    • Garage floor epoxy offers amazing traction by itself, but like all other floorings, it struggles when wet. We combat this with a silica sand additive that gives the flooring texture, hence making it easier to walk on when wet or soiled
    • Garage epoxy also has the ability to make your garage up to 300 percent brighter with its efficient light reflection properties

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