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Whether your a residential or industrial owner, your flooring needs to be affordable, attractive and durable. When it comes time for a replacement or installation of flooring, there aren’t many options and it can be a real time-consuming process that can give you a huge headache. And at the end of the day, you still may not know what kind of flooring you want because one flooring is durable but ugly, and the other flooring is beautiful but only lasts about 5 years with extensive maintenance. Well, if you live in the area of Kansas City, we can make this process a lot easier for you!

To our neighbors in Kansas City, we offer you a revolutionary flooring that can be installed in your home or in your commercial facility! Epoxy flooring is the answer to all of your flooring problems and can be installed quickly and efficiently at a budget-friendly price! Epoxy flooring in Kansas City offers many great benefits that include superior durability, resistance to harsh chemicals and the ability to customize to your heart’s desire. Epoxy flooring is a USDA approved flooring so there are no bounds on where it may be placed! Allow us to further your knowledge of our epoxy floor coatings by reading our article!

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    There are just too many benefits that come with epoxy flooring, so we’ve taken the liberty of outlining the best ones for you!

    When your current flooring has become damaged or unusable, outdated, or maybe you would just enjoy a change, our epoxy flooring has many benefits that we believe can be the difference maker in your choice. Out team of epoxy flooring contractors can help you go down the smooth and easy path of installing our epoxy flooring in your home or facility. If you’re looking for a flooring that is both affordable and long lasting, we have just the thing you are seeking out, and that is our epoxy flooring! Below we have outlined a few of the many benefits of epoxy flooring as the full list of benefits can fill an entire book!

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    Our clients who have made the switch to an epoxy flooring have enjoyed its lifetime for years and years to come. How long your epoxy flooring will last depends on how it is installed. With our team of epoxy flooring contractors decades of experience, you will enjoy your epoxy flooring for upwards of 20 years and sometimes even longer!

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    Epoxy flooring has been formulated for the use in industrial facilities without showing signs of wear and tear or damage from traffic or dropped objects. With epoxy flooring, you will enjoy a flooring that can withstand damage from the harshest chemicals on the market and even aging concrete that lies underneath. Just because our epoxy flooring is industrial strength doesn’t mean our residential clients cant enjoy it.
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    Our epoxy flooring in Kansas City offers customization that no other flooring can come close to. For our clients, we offer many different types of epoxy customization that can add value to your home or even make your industrial facility a safer place to work. There are no boundaries to the customization of our epoxy flooring!



    We offer our services to all of our neighbors in Kansas City. Everyone can stand to gain something from our epoxy flooring!
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    When our residential clients hear epoxy, all attention typically goes to the garage. We offer our services to all areas of your home that can offer a sleek and modern appearance to your home with the performance of an industrial strength epoxy. While your garage is an excellent area to install epoxy, we recommend it for areas from your kitchen to your man cave. Our decorative epoxies such as metallic epoxy are perfect for this!
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    Commercial facility owners have been gravitating towards epoxy flooring as it has been passed by the USDA as safe flooring for many different types of commercial facilities. The facilities that benefit from this are food and beverage plants and even hospitals. This is because its seamless surface offers no place of refuge for bacteria or viruses to hide and reproduce or food particles falling into a crack and not being seen, forming mold.
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    Industrial facilities have very strict guidelines that the flooring must abide by. We offer flooring for your facility that can abide by these strict rules and even offer more than what is required. We offer flooring to our industrial neighbors that can withstand heavy traffic, harsh chemicals and even be customized to make walkways and forklift paths to make your facility safer for your employees.


    Are you considering the use of epoxy flooring in your home or facility? Well, we can help you right now with any questions you may have. If you’re ready to make the switch be sure to call us today for a free quote!

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    we know exactly how the environmental and chemical hazards can act as a scourage on a daily basis, so we know what it takes to defend against them.

    We love our city and offer our services that only use high-grade materials at a price that low-end companies can offer. If you think you’re ready to make the switch to epoxy flooring, give us a call today for a nonobligatory free quote!