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A basement can be, essentially, transformed into any countless number of options. Some basements are converted into Airbnb’s, gyms, offices, storage space, spare bedroom, studio, and so much more. Having a basement that is able to withstand any and all transformations from one type of space into another over the years is an important factor when deciding what kind of floor you want to install. Epoxy basement floors are strong and resistant to many harmful impacts and chemicals that would otherwise harm your floors. Installing an epoxy basement floor would guarantee your ability to convert your basement space into anything you want without worrying about the maintenance or safety of your floors.

Why would you think about your floors in the first place? Your basement, if not properly taken care, can cause foundation issues for your home as a whole. When you choose to have your basement epoxy floors installed professionally you will have those floors for decades to come. For more information on basement epoxy, give us a call.

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    The benefits for your home and your basement with epoxy floors are incredible.

    A floor that doesn’t crack at the first sign of difficulty is hard to come by, so we are glad to be one of the best epoxy flooring companies in Kansas City. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and long-term results. Our team has decades of combined experience installing epoxy basement flooring and guaranteeing satisfaction. Are you ready to get started? Below are some, but certainly not all, of the benefits a professionally installed epoxy basement floor offers.

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    Having a waterproof basement epoxy floor is more beneficial than you would originally be aware of. Any moisture seeping into your concrete creates the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold. An epoxy floor would eliminate that issue quickly but also basement flooding for whatever reason could cause some serious foundation issues for the rest of your home. This could result in a much more expensive solution without epoxy flooring.
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    An epoxy floor is highly functional for any and all of your basement needs, but functionality does not negate beauty. Epoxy basement floors can be designed choosing between many different colors, textures, and patterns.
    If you have a design in mind for your basement, an epoxy floor can certainly aide in the beauty.
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    Resistance & Durability
    Your basement epoxy floors are able to resist high-impact from dropped items or heavy objects being moved around in your basement. Your basement is also chemical, oil, and stain resistant which is important considering that a plain concrete floor is extremely absorbent and would allow those harmful substances to penetrate its surface, causing you to spend more money on repairs. Your floors will last for decades to come, and when professionally installed, they’ll look beautiful for just as long. .
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    Basement Floor Epoxy

    The benefits continue when you choose one of our professionals to install your basement floors!