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Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the most affordable, easily installed, and long-lasting flooring systems you could ever install. Here in Kansas City, we know how important it is to have industrial grade flooring because of the unpredictable summers and winters. Epoxy floors are able to withstand unforeseeable circumstances: heavy dropped items, snow, rain, salts, chemicals, etc.…. As the leading epoxy flooring company in the area, we want you to know we are committed to your satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for a new floor in a building, warehouse, or garage, we can do it all. For high-end and high-quality materials at low-end and affordable prices, you can have your new floors in no time, without breaking the bank. As a team with combined decades of experience, we love what we do and we want you to love it as well.

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    Industrial Epoxy Floors

    A professionally installed industrial epoxy floor will offer you benefits no other floor can.

    Industrial epoxy floors offer you incredible flexibilities when it comes to your floor’s maintenance, durability, design, and location of installation. Industrial strength epoxy flooring is a hybrid of pure strength and pure beauty because having one doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the other.

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    Boundary Markers
    Due to epoxy floor’s glass-like shine, many industrial settings have begun utilizing epoxy floors to mark certain workstations. For example, certain areas may have colors or different characteristics compared to the rest of the floor to mark where one work station begins and where one ends.
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    Increases Productivity
    When your floors help cut down on the number of yearly machinery replacements, your productivity increases dramatically, and so does your revenue. Warehouses and factories can produce and develop materials on a quicker basis if there is less time to worry about the machinery required for their work. This is made possible because of your epoxy floors seam-less finish when done professionally. Your industrial epoxy floors will be much more forgiving than any other floor because they are resistant to cracking, chipping, or breaking, making them easier on tires and machinery as a whole.
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    Safety Features
    For any area that is highly used, hazards are a concern. Whether your garage, warehouse, or facility is in need of a safer environment for you, for employees, or customers, an epoxy floor can help with that. Especially important in garages and warehouses, industrial grade epoxy offers slip, impact, and heat and fire resistance.
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    Industrial Epoxy Floor Aesthetics

    Industrial epoxy floors are not only durable and resistant to damage, but they are also beautiful.
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    Garages, factories, and warehouses can all benefit from an epoxy floor because of the reflectiveness offered by these floors. When a professional installer has finished your floors, there is shine like no other that reflects the lighting in any facility, increasing visibility, and creating a glass-like floor that will not fade. The beautiful shine is a unique characteristic to epoxy industrial floors.

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    Industrial epoxy floors are one of the most versatile floors you can install. The ability to customize your floors and add any color you want can help liven up a garage or warehouse. Your industrial concrete floor can either be a basic shine or fun and innovative color, depending on your wants and needs. Speak to one of our professionals for more information about epoxy flooring designs.

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    Patterns & Textures

    Industrial epoxy floors are not confined to specific looks and touch, furthermore, if your facility has a specific need or want for your concrete floors, simply discuss this with one of our professionals. Epoxy floors can be made to look and feel like different types of floors, giving you the opportunity to design your garage, warehouse, or facility anyway you will love. Simply give us a call, let’s talk.


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    Maintenance Done Right

    A professionally installed industrial grade epoxy floor is easy and manageable.

    Maintaining your floors is easy and quick. Even though the benefits of an epoxy flooring system are truly incredible, the best part is…. You don’t have to break your back cleaning, scrubbing, or power washing.

    If you have a spill, the solid coating protecting your concrete isolates the spill, making it easier to wipe up. Your floors are resistant to chemical damages and stains, so no need to worry about that! Simply wipe up and properly clean spillage when it occurs.

    Daily sweeping and light mopping to clear out any harmful debris are highly encouraged, as well as, routine checks.
    Your floors are bacteria and mold resistant, therefore, maintenance truly is simple. If a situation arises where you’re not sure if you need a detergent to clean your floors, give our professionals a call, we will walk you through it!