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An epoxy coated garage floor is one of the best decisions you can make for your garage floor because of the unlimited benefits. Epoxy coatings can transform your dull and average garage into a strong, resilient, and beautiful work of art no matter what your garage is used for- gym, office, storage space, or simply a space for your vehicles. When you choose to have an epoxy coating installed on your concrete garage floor, you are choosing the most affordable and long-lasting flooring system available. Residential and commercial garages alike are installing epoxy garage floors because of their strength and durability.

We do not realize how important our garage floors are to our homes and vehicles well-being, so making sure that your floors are equipped to handle anything you throw at them is important. If you have a garage that is used by the family, that houses your vehicle, and/or that doubles as extra space, you need an epoxy floor coating. A concrete garage floor, without epoxy coating, is vulnerable to constant damages which adds up to be very expensive. It’s time to learn more about this amazing flooring solution, so give our professionals a call today to get started with your very own affordable epoxy garage floor.

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    Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial epoxy garage floor coating, we have some news for you. A garage floor epoxy coating is one of the easiest, most affordable, and long-lasting flooring options available. These floors truly offer unlimited amounts of benefits that no other flooring option can possibly offer, but they should always be professionally installed. To truly gain the benefits explained below, you must have it professionally installed. Give us a call to learn more.

    Epoxy Garage Flooring
    Epoxy Garage Flooring
    With so many different coatings available it is important to weigh your options before choosing a permanent coating. Epoxy garage coatings are exceptional choices when you want specific benefits like:
    • Chip and peel resistant
    • Oil and chemical resistant
    • Impact and stain resistant
    • Water and acid resistant
    Metallic Epoxy Garage Flooring
    Metallic Epoxy Garage Flooring
    Metallic Epoxy floors are the most exquisite floors you can install in any garage because of their magnificent distinguishable qualities. Metallic garage floors offer homeowners the ability to completely individualize their floors without worrying about damage or maintenance. Metallic epoxy garage floors:
    • Create 3D illusions on your garage surface
    • Oil and chemical resistantOil and chemical resistant
    • Highly slip-resistant
    • Non-toxic
    • Scratch proof
    Concrete Stamping Garage Flooring
    Stamped Concrete Garage Flooring
    If you’re looking for versatility and the opportunity to install decorative concrete in your garage, you’re come to the right place. Concrete stamping garage floors allows our clients to introduce what seems like unique flooring installations but is actually decorative concrete. The benefits of having stamped concrete that simulates the look and feel of another floor are:
    • Concrete stamped floors last over 25-years
    • Typically, stamped flooring is much more affordable than the “real” thing. Stamped concrete that looks like wood starts around $8 per square foot.
    • Increases property value by 15%
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    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

    Rubber Garage floor coating
    Rubber Garage floor coating
    Flooring can be tricky, that is why we offer rubberized floor coatings for garage floors. Sometimes our garage floors take an extra beating, even more than we ever planned or expected, and the best way to handle any unexpected situation is to have the best flooring available. Rubber floor coatings for garage floors create safe and impact resistant environments. Rubberized floor coatings are:
    • Long-lasting with a lifespan of at least 20-years
    • Costs around $5 per square foot
    • Is an eco-friendly solution
    • Non-toxic
    • Waterproof
    Slurry Systems
    Slurry Systems
    Slurry flooring systems are garage floor coatings that have been used worldwide for well over 30 years. These systems have been used in many different industries such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical areas, clinics, warehouses, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and so much more. Slurry systems offer garage floor owners a strong and distinctive floor that is:
    • High in cleanliness
    • Seamless
    • Impact and stain resistant
    • Resistant
    Concrete Sealing Garage Flooring
    Concrete Sealing Garage Flooring
    Sealers are applied on naked concrete floors because bare concrete does not last well in any used garage. Garage floors are under constant exposure to damaging chemicals and situations that sealants can help. Concrete alone is a very porous surface that will absorb water and other chemicals into its pores which does damage the surface unless it has been sealed. Sealing your floors:
    • Is necessary to protect it from moisture related damages like mold, mildew, and bacteria.
    • Elongates your concrete garage floors life.
    • Creates an impact, stain, and oil-resistant surface.
    • Is much more affordable than having to replace the slab because of preventable damages


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