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We use or garages every day, whether we use them for a workplace or just a covering for our vehicle, the concrete slab is prone to many scenarios that can cause damage in a moments notice. While a garage may be one of the most used areas in our homes, many of us just let it go to waste because we find it bland, dirty or just plain ugly. No matter what your use of your garage is, it needs to be protected at all costs. This is where we come in.
If you’re ready to protect your garage, we recommend the use of our garage floor epoxy. With our epoxy coating, your garage will be able to handle whatever life can throw at it with its stain and damage resistant properties. You will never have to worry about your garage being dim or boring with our garage epoxy as it offers extreme customization with a highly reflective surface. With this surface you will gain a brighter area without the use of additional lighting, saving you money all while making your garage a safer environment. If you want to learn more about our garage epoxy, please continue reading.

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    Allow us to expand on a few of the many benefits of a garage epoxy coating

    Whether you’re tired of your garage being stained and cracked or if you’re just ready to make a change, garage epoxy can offer you some unique benefits. Our team of garage floor epoxy contractors can make the path to a beautiful and durable garage floor a breeze. We understand how important your garage is to the fluidity of your home, so we won’t try and sugar coat anything about our product, but the product is so amazing, we don’t have to! Below we have outlined only a few of the many great benefits that you will gain from making the switch to a garage floor epoxy!

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    The main reason that many homeowners in Kansas City have been making the switch to a garage epoxy is the fact that is as durable as they come. Garage epoxy can withstand heavy impact from dropped objects, harsh chemicals, and even heavy vehicle traffic. With an epoxy garage floor, you can have peace of mind knowing your flooring is basically lifeproof!
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    Our past clients have ranted and raved about how easy it is to care for their epoxy garage floor coating. Garage epoxy doesn’t require any sort of waxes or polishing to maintain its smooth and reflective appearance. All you need to do is sweep and mop the floor regularly as this is essential in the longevity and effectiveness of your flooring
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    With a garage floor epoxy, you won’t have to worry about your garage being a bland and boring area. We offer many different ways you can customize your flooring with colors, multi-colored flakes, and metallic pigments. If you’re a sports fan, we can even place the logo of your favorite sports team into your flooring! And yes, the Chiefs logo looks amazing!


    Your bare concrete may be damaged or become damaged but don’t worry, we can fix it!
    When it comes to concrete, there are two types. Concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. We can’t stop the eventuality of a crack in your concrete, but we can minimalize and try to protect against them. Before we apply our garage epoxy, we use a special material that fills and limits the growth of the crack. This will provide the seamless surface that epoxy is known for.
    Basement Crack
    When your garage doesn’t have a layer of protection and is used every day, the damage is sure to come. While concrete is strong, it can be stronger. If your garage has signs of severe damage such as deep cracks, chips or even bubbles don’t worry, we can save it. Our team of garage floor epoxy contractors has decades of combined experience so you can rest assured that your repair may be last.
    Your garage is typically the area that gets the most accidental spills than anywhere else in the house. This may include harsh chemicals such as brake cleaner, oil and even gasoline, and these chemicals stain, especially oil. With our garage epoxy, we can rejuvenate your garage. You won’t even have to worry about stains after the garage epoxy has been installed as the surface is stain resistant and leaves any and all liquid isolated on the surface.


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