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What You Need To Know About Garage Floor Epoxy

When it comes to choosing flooring for your garage, choices can be few and far in between. We know how hard it can be to find a durable flooring that is both easy to maintain and lasts a long time, well we also know how easy it can be because you’ve already come to the right place! That’s right, we are offering a flooring that will up the curb appeal of your home and even provides jaw-dropping performance. This flooring system is known as garage floor epoxy and it is a revolutionary flooring system that we are offering to our neighbors in Kansas City at extremely low rates. With a garage floor epoxy, you will enjoy the features of:

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Fast And Simple Cleanup And Maintenance
  • Unlimited Potential For Customization

Want to learn more about what a garage floor epoxy is all about? Down below we have all the information you need to make the right choice for your garages next flooring system!

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    Benefits Of An Epoxy Garage Floor

    Why You Can’t Go Wrong With An Epoxy Garage Floor System

    The best part about using one of our garage floor epoxy systems is the wide range of benefits that you stand to gain from using one in your home. A garage floor epoxy can offer benefits from superior chemical resistance all the way to offering a finish that will turn your neighbors green with envy every time you open your garage door and everything in between. Because there are so many benefits when using an epoxy garage flooring system, we have outlined only the best benefits that you stand to gain from our epoxy systems in Lovely Kansas City down below!

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    • The feature that homeowners love the most about garage epoxy is its incredibly long lifetime that means:
    • Your epoxy can last upwards of 30 years when properly maintained and professionally installed by our team of epoxy contractors
    • Decades of service life means spend less on refreshing the flooring compared to flooring that lasts 3-5 years
    • The long-lasting flooring will even add value to your home when it comes time to move on
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    Brighten Your Garage
    • An epoxy garage floor has the wonderful ability to make your garage much brighter that means that:
    • Your garage can be up to 300 percent brighter without additional lightening sources, saving you money while making that garage safer
    • A brighter garage will make it easier to spot spilled liquids and dropped items on the floor
    • More light reflection makes your garage pop like never before so it will look even more appealing
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    • Garage floor epoxy is one of the most durable flooring options on the market today, and with this durability, you can:
    • Help your concrete slab resist chemicals from reaching its surface, isolating all moisture on the surface of the epoxy
    • Protect your concrete from a wide range of damage including dropped objects, heavy vehicle and foot traffic and even slow down the appearance of cracks
    • Garage epoxy is waterproof and resistant to fire and electricity
    The Customization Of

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    How Garage Floor Epoxy Can Completely Transform Your Garage
    metallic epoxy garage floor
    Metallic Epoxy
    Metallic epoxy is one of the greatest ways that you can customize your garage floor coating. With this specialized epoxy coating, you can mimic natures most beautiful phenomenon that has never been thought to be implemented in floorings such as waves, lava or even clouds. You can even make the flooring a solid glitter finish. Metallic epoxy will make all of your neighbors green with envy every time you open your garage door with its amazing finish
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    Brighten Your Garage
    What homeowners love the most about our garage floor epoxy is how it can transform the garage from dim and gloomy to welcoming and warm with its efficient light reflectivity that can:
    • Make the garage up to 100 times brighter without assistance from other lighting sources, saving you money on your electric bill
    • With a brighter garage, the area will be much safer to walk and work in with added visibility to spot obstructions on the flooring
    epoxy flake garage floor
    Flaked Epoxy
    The flaked epoxy garage floor is by far the most popular customization option across the United States for both its affordability and one of a kind appearance. The flakes placed in the epoxy play a much bigger role than just appearance as well. When the flakes are placed in the epoxy, it gives the flooring a level of texture and this texture makes the flooring much safer to walk on when wet.

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    Maintaining Your Garage
    Epoxy Kansas City

    Maintaining Your Garage Epoxy Flooring

    Fast And Easy With Immediate Results

    Garage floor epoxy is even easier to maintain than a bare concrete flooring as it is much more hygienic and stains won’t stick to the epoxy. This means that there is no fancy machinery required and even no need for waxes or polishes. The maintenance on garage floor epoxy in Kansas City is as follows

    • The first step is to sweep the flooring and to do this we recommend a soft bristle broom or dust mop as stiff-bristle brooms are far less efficient at removing dust and dirt particles. Stiff bristle brooms can even scratch the top coat of epoxy leaving unsightly mynute scratches when light is shown on the flooring.
    • After the debris is cleared, the next step os mopping the epoxy. All you need for this process is a standard wet mop but what you need to be careful with is cleaners. Our contractors will let you know what cleaners are allowed before we leave, but all other cleaners will need to be tested before the entire floor is ruined. To test, mask off a tiny area and use the cleaner for five minutes on the area. Look out for bubbles, cloudiness or even peeling
    • Garage floor epoxy can even be cleaned with a standard garden hose but makes sure to keep the hose constantly moving and that the water temp is under 115 degrees. Pressure washing and deep cleaning should never be done regularly and only when completely necessary.