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Indoor and outdoor, all concrete must be coated

There are many misconceptions regarding concrete, like its strength and durability, or its look and ability to be customized. There are many advantages to having a professionally installed concrete coating surface. For example, naked concrete is unprotected and therefore easily damaged. Although concrete itself is a very strong surface it is not resistant or is it durable without concrete coatings

Whether your concrete is indoor or outdoor, your surface must be coated if you want it to last, look great, and feel great.
We offer many different types of coatings and styles that suit whatever you’re in the market for. Here at Speakman Coatings & Floor, we know concrete. Industrial, commercial, or residential.

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    Types of Coatings

    Concrete Coatings Kansas City

    There are so many different coatings to choose from!

    Each coating we offer has its own set of unique and wonderful benefits. Whether you’re looking for a coating on an inside slab or an outside slab, it is necessary to have a professionally installed concrete coating.

    Basement Waterproofing
    Concrete waterproofing coatings are highly beneficial for customers who have a property in areas that tend to be higher on the moisture scale. Because concrete is so porous and absorbent it is highly likely that mold and mildew will grow within its pores if a waterproof concrete coating is not installed. Basement waterproofing is one of the most requested coatings for interior slabs because it’s unlikely to have a basement that isn’t exposed to water. Benefits include:
    • Mold & mildew-resistance
    • Scratch-resistance
    • Hypoallergenic surface
    Epoxy Coatings
    Concrete coatings for your residential, commercial, and industrial properties can be installed quickly and efficiently. Concrete epoxy coatings create durable and resistant surfaces that are long-lasting and very beautiful. Epoxy floor coatings keep chemicals, foot-traffic, and bacteria from ruining your concrete surface. Some types of epoxy floor coatings include:
    • Metallic epoxy
    • Basement epoxy
    • Garage epoxy
    • Industrial epoxy
    • Commercial epoxy
    • Garage epoxy
    Rubber Floor Coatings
    Rubber floor coatings have recently become hot and popular materials for a variety of different advantages and because of their versatility and eco-friendly features. These rubber floor coatings can be recycled and made from recycled material, they are impact-resistant, noise reducers, and heat insulators for colder months. Rubber floor coatings are applied on top of your concrete floors creating a customizable barrier that will not crack, scratch, or rot.
    Rubber floor coatings can be used in:
    • Clinics
    • Parks
    • Garages
    • Basements
    • Gyms
    • Schools
    Benefits from Concrete Coatings

    The benefits offered from professionally installed concrete coatings are unmatched!

    We offer our services to all of our neighbors in Kansas City. Everyone can stand to gain something from our epoxy flooring!
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    Residential Concrete Coatings
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new coating for interior or exterior portions of your home, all concrete need to be coated. Residential properties benefit from concrete coatings because their floors are no longer vulnerable to damages from children, pets, furniture, or cooking accidents. Places in your home that should always be coated include:
    • Patios
    • Garages
    • Basements
    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Pool Decks
    commercial epoxy floor coating
    Commercial Concrete Coatings
    A commercial concrete surface needs to be safe for clients, customers, and employees alike, that is a lot of people to keep safe and satisfied. When choosing to have a professionally installed concrete coating it doesn’t have to be hard, your floors and your business benefit greatly from a surface that does not damage, scratch, heat up or allow slippage to occur. Commercial concrete coatings benefits include:
    • Slip-resistant
    • Fire-resistant
    • USDA & FDA approval
    • Wear and tear-resistant
    industrial grade epoxy floor coating
    Industrial Concrete Coatings
    Industrial production should never be interrupted; however, all concrete, especially those in a facility that handle different types of chemicals and mixtures, should always be coated. Industrial concrete coatings are extremely important for the longevity and quality of production. When installing industrial concrete coatings we know that we need to be quick and efficient and that is just how we do it. Industrial concrete coatings can be used in:
    • Chemical plants
    • Pharmaceutical areas
    • Hospitals
    • Food & Beverage Facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Showrooms
    • Gyms

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    Concrete coatings are much more important that you think they are. Keep your concrete around for decades to come by calling the professionals!

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    Concrete Coatings Kansas City

    Don’t trust just anyone with your concrete floors

    It is important to be objective when choosing professional concrete coaters for your property. More expensive coatings and installation fees are not an indication of better business. We offer low-end prices for high-end materials because we know what to do and how to do it. We let our final products speak for themselves. For more information on concrete coatings, give us a call, we are happy to help.

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