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Garage floors are constantly being exposed to hard environments, chemicals, and spills that ultimately create weak and disheveled surfaces; however, when you install epoxy flooring in your garage all of those issues become non-existent. Here at Speakman Coatings & Floor, we believe that garage epoxy floors should be installed with attention to detail so they can withstand any environment they are exposed too. With over 18-years of experience, there isn’t a garage condition we haven’t seen.

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Customizable
  • Seamless

When deciding on an epoxy floor coating, it is important to remember that having a professional install your floors is the only way to guarantee that all of the epoxy benefits will hold. Epoxy garage floors can be one of the longest-lasting parts of your home if they are properly installed and maintained.

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    Types of Epoxy

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    Choose an epoxy floor that suits your everyday life

    Other than regular epoxy floor coatings, we offer epoxy flooring solutions that can be transformative for your garage floor. All epoxy floors share characteristics; however, some are better for your distinct wants and needs. Choose whichever one best lets you live your best life!

    metallic epoxy garage floor
    Metallic Garage Epoxy
    Metallic garage floors create unique and wonderful flooring solutions because they are distinct. With the manipulation of pigmentation within the epoxy coating mixture, metallic epoxy floors can be installed to mimic water, fire, craters, colorful lights, and more.
    Metallic garage epoxy floors are:
    • Slip-resistant
    • Moisture-resistant
    • Impact resistant
    • Nontoxic
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    Slurry Garage Floor System
    Slurry garage floors are great for garages that are highly used and may even double as someone’s workshop space. These floors are great for any home or owner who has chemicals, paints, or cleaners stored in their garage because of their highly resistant and antimicrobial qualities. Slurry systems are known for their:
    • Thermal stability
    • Impact and abrasion resistance
    • Meeting ADA recommendations
    • Chemical resistance
    • Eco-friendly qualities
    garage epoxy
    Epoxy Garage Flooring
    A nice and simply garage epoxy flooring system provides a strong elegance that only a professionally installed epoxy floor can produce. Epoxy flooring systems are made of a resin and hardener mixture that cure and solidify on top of your porous concrete surface thus creating a beautifully indestructible surface. Epoxy garage floors are:
    • Known for their 10,000 PSI strength
    • Durability
    • Decades of long longevity with proper maintenance
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Impact-resistant
    • Non-toxicity
    • Abiding by USDA guidelines for food and beverage facilities
    Benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy garage floors

    Wcreate safe and long-lasting environments for you and your family.
    garage epoxy coating
    Garage epoxy floors will undoubtedly be exposed to changing and harsh environments because it is where different items and fluids are stored, where we keep our machinery and vehicles, and where we throw and hide away our extra stuff. Having a resistant epoxy garage floor can make all of these scenarios safe and equally worth it. Epoxy garage floors are resistant too:
    • Mold & mildew growth
    • Dust, debris, grime, grease, oil, and water
    • Chemical breakdown
    • Wear and tear
    • Scratches and abrasions
    best garage floor epoxy coating
    Vehicles and machinery are not light and have a lot of elements that are actually damaging for our floors. Installing epoxy garage floors ensures that your floor will not be damaged by our large machinery. Epoxy garage floors are strong because:
    • They are crack-resistan
    • Will not breakdown under heavy loads like our machinery and vehicles
    • They are impact-resistant
    • Are measured with 10,000 PSI or more
    epoxy garage floor installers
    Lifespan Affordability
    Sometimes making large and hefty investments can be daunting, luckily for you, with epoxy garage floors that is not the case. A garage epoxy floor is highly affordable and long-lasting, so your investment is not short-lived. With a lifespan of over a decade, epoxy garage floors will certainly pay you back for your investment. Here’s how epoxy garage floors will repay your investment:
    • They are extremely resistant to damage lowering any repairs or replacement costs
    • They raise property value by 15% or more
    • They are easy to maintain so they reduce any need for constant waxes or special treatments
    • Epoxy garage floor installation costs range from $3-$8 depending on the type of work you’re looking for

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