Why Decorative Concrete Is

The Ultimate Flooring Solution


Because concrete floors have become increasingly popular for both home and commercial use, the variety of decorative overlays and coatings make this flooring choice the ultimate flooring solution no matter what your design aesthetic or style. The style and options that are available with decorative concrete can not only match any design motif that you may envision, but can also match any budget by which you may be constrained.

Concrete floors are highly customizable and a fantastic alternative to traditional flooring such as carpet, wood, linoleum, tile, marble, or stone, and the durability and easy maintenance of coated concrete can last for decades to come. The affordability and sustainability also has many homeowners, business owners, and designers alike rushing to expose existing concrete subfloors to reveal the hidden beauty of a decorative treatment application beneath.

Concrete floors can be used in a variety of indoor rooms while adding a touch of personal designer flare and staying within your renovation budget.

Our kitchen is typically the hub and the heart of our homes. This hardworking, high traffic resource center requires flooring that is not only durable buat also aesthetically pleasing since we spend the most time with our families here as well as entertaining extended family members and guests. The wide variety of decorative options such a faux wood, brick, tile, and even marble, make this an affordable flooring solution for the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in our homes. Choosing stamped concrete, etched concrete, or overlay makes the flooring portion of your renovation the least of your budgeting worries in this room.
Whether you use your basement as a catchall storage facility, a playroom, or extra living space for your family, basements are typically damp spaces that can be prone to water issues. This makes flooring a particularly difficult choice when you decide to renovate or update your basement. Since the subfloor is often concrete, an overlay or coating is an easy choice in the basement. Whether you choose epoxy flooring, metallic epoxy, or a variety of other stamped or polished concrete options, the added moisture resistance of these applications makes this not only your most affordable flooring choice for your basement but also the most durable and long lasting- up to 5 decades.
Foryers, Entryways, and Mudrooms
The entry to our home is often the first impression that we give to our guests. These rooms also take a beating as they are exposed to the elements as our family and guests enter the home. Concrete’s easy care, ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, and stain resistance make it the most logical choice for a room that will see its fair share of water, dirt, and staining.
When redesigning a bathroom, you want to find the most durable low maintenance option that is also stylish and resistant to moisture. Concrete most definitely fits the bill. Since you can also add radiant heating to keep your toes warm in the cold winter months, concrete flooring can be a premiere customized choice for you bathroom.

Whether your garage is an extension of your living space or a place to store your tools and park your vehicles, garage epoxy flooring or other concrete overlays are a wise option to explore. Not only will this upgrade the look and feel of you garage floor, but it will also protect your floor from cracks, spills, and stains, keeping your garage floors looking brand new for many decades to come. It also cuts down on dust that is common to untreated concrete that can be difficult to manage and cause damage to your cars and other items stored in your garage.

When you begin to explore the endless options and design choices, you also learn how easy and affordable concrete applications can be. Give your subfloors a peek and save some money while revealing the beauty of treated concrete floors.