Using Epoxy Coatings to

Upgrade Your Garage Floor

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy garage floors are an incredible testament to the technological advances in flooring improvement that have taken place throughout the last 20+ years. Epoxy floors were first only used in areas where the conditions were unpredictable, damaging, and completely hazardous. These facilities included chemical plants, packaging plants, food and beverage facilities and so much more just like these. None of the aforementioned areas needed beautiful floors but they did need resistant ones, floors that could withstand anything on any given day, and floors that created safe environments for those working in the area. Now, technology has allowed epoxy to thrive in the private sector as well! Garages have been coated with epoxy for many years but have recently become popular due to their ability to decorate and enhance a surface beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Do you have an epoxy garage floor or are you looking for? An epoxy garage floor brings to life a garage that was once plain, damp, and facility type.

So, how can an epoxy coating upgrade the overall look and feel of your garage floor?

Design opportunities

With a garage, floor aesthetics have become a major role in the installation. Epoxy offers homeowners the ability to upgrade their garage floor from a simple concrete floor to a surface with designs, differing colors, textures, and eloquence. Epoxy garage floors can increase your property value with simple designs and some of these floors, including metallic epoxy floors, can create never before seen images and designs on your surface that will make your garage space look like something out of this world. Flake epoxy, another possible design opportunity, creates a surface that satisfies granite-style lovers in your garage space! All of the epoxy floor coatings are highly resistant to damage; therefore, your designs will stay intact.

Resistance and Maintenance
Guess what? When your floor resists every type of damage known to garages your maintenance decreases dramatically! Design and install a floor that creates a personalized look and feel that will not fade, chip, or lift because resistance is the foundation epoxy was based on! This is such an upgrade from the common concrete floor with oil, grease, and scratch stains caused by cars, chemicals, and household appliances like mowers. The simple downgrade in maintenance and the upgrade with resistance, the appeal, and functionality of your garage dramatically increase.
Pick the right coating

Epoxy comes in different resistance levels, in different texture levels, and different design and color schemes! This is an important factor to know because if you’re someone who frequently uses their garage for more than just storing their car, there can be some epoxy coatings that are not recommended. If you do not have the right epoxy coating your garage will be enhancing in any way because maintenance, repairs, and replacements will be inevitable. Know the difference between the products you want and the ones being presented by a company or contractor.

The best way to enhance your garage is to call a professional and have it evaluated for the best type of design and resistance that will help your garage thrive in functionality and aesthetics. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to truly upgrade your garage surface so getting all of the facts and knowing how the right fit will certainly upgrade your space is important!