Tips On Maintaining

Epoxy Flooring

Maintaining Epoxy Flooring
While the maintenance on your epoxy flooring is going to be a breeze, it is extremely crucial that you never allow the upkeep on epoxy flooring to go under the radar. The maintenance on epoxy flooring is one of the main deciding factors on how long the epoxy flooring system is going to last so we will always recommend that you stick to the advice we are about to give you.
We always recommend that you start every cleaning process be started with a simple sweep. To remove all loose debris, use a soft bristle broom or a dust mop as a stiff bristle broom can drag the debris and leave mynute scratches in the surface of the epoxy flooring that can be unsightly when a light is shown on the epoxy flooring. We recommend that the flooring be swept at least once a week in low traffic areas and at least daily in high traffic areas.
After all of the loose debris has been removed from the flooring with the sweeping process, the next step in maintaining an epoxy flooring system is the use of a standard wet mop to make the floor shine like new. When using the mop, be sure not to focus too much on a single area as this can make the top coat of the epoxy flooring lose its glossy appearance. Another risk that you must be wary of when mopping the epoxy flooring is the use of cleaning detergents. Before any type of cleaner is added into the mopping process always make sure to test the material on the floor. To test the material, mask of an area of the epoxy flooring in an area like a corner or an area that is going to be covered at all times and apply a splash of the material on the epoxy floor. Allow the material to sit for at least 5 minutes and remove the material. If the cleaner turns the top coat of the epoxy flooring cloudy, do not use it and find new material, only use cleaners that don’t react with the epoxy flooring.
Another way to clean off the epoxy flooring in areas like garages is with the use of a standard garden hose. Epoxy flooring is able to be washed off with hoses because it is moisture resistant but there are some things that you need to look out for when hosing down your epoxy flooring. Always make sure that the water never reaches over 115 degrees Fahrenheit and that you always keep the water moving, making sure not to focus on one area for too long or the epoxy will buckle.
The maintenance on epoxy flooring is very simplistic because it doesn’t require the use of any waxes or polishes to keep the epoxy flooring looking nice and shiny. If you follow these simple suggestions and use these tips, you can look forward to enjoying the use of your epoxy flooring for well over 20 years with many cases of properly maintained epoxy flooring lasting well over 30 years!