Epoxy Flooring

And Interior Design

If we told you that epoxy flooring is the top interior design trend of 2019, you would probably think we are crazy. Epoxy flooring is a thick commercial grade compound that is only for garages, warehouses and manufacturing plants, right? Well, it is true, epoxy has been many interior designers flooring option of choice for the last couple of years and once we tell you why, you will think about having one installed in your home asap! Ready to see how well epoxy can fit into the design of your home? Let’s get started!
The Versatility Of Epoxy Flooring
While everyone knows that epoxy flooring is a semi-permanent flooring system, don’t let that make you afraid of the coating. Millions of different designs can be made from this resinous coating. There is a nearly endless amount of colors to choose from and variants of standard epoxy flooring like metallic epoxy flooring that can mimic the appearance of nature’s most aesthetically pleasing visuals like lava, clouds or even a rippling effect found in waves. No matter what your styling may become in the epoxies 20 year lifespan, your coating will always be easy to design off of.
Living With Epoxy Flooring
While the appearance of epoxy has a lot to do with the wide approval from many interior designers, its functionality of the flooring also plays a large role, who wants to live like their in a delicate painting? For homes with only adults or even for homes with children and animals, epoxy offers benefits that not many other traditional flooring systems can compete with. Worried about accidents? Epoxy flooring is 100% waterproof so water damage will be a thing of the past! Not to mention, the seamless and nonporous finish of epoxy is completely resistant to scratches/abrasions and stains, making it perfectly usable in any area of your home from your kitchen to your basement.
White Epoxy, Ultra Modern Design
When it comes to the traditional flooring systems that are offered in a pure white finish, you would have to live in fear of your flooring becoming stained with common accidents, blackened by heavy foot traffic or soiled by your pets. But with epoxy flooring, you can have the ultra-modern finish you crave without the fear of these hazards thanks to the seamless and nonporous finish that allows zero pollutants to enter the epoxy to negatively affect it.
Design Implementation
When you find the right epoxy flooring contractor, you can have the ability to have custom inlays installed under the top layer of your epoxy to provide an ultra-custom look for your man cave or make a beautiful piece of art in your entryway. There are logo implementations that give you the ability to show off your team pride or even make your children play area into a basketball court or football field. No matter what the design may be, there is a contractor that can provide, just make sure to check the references!

Now that you know that epoxy flooring isn’t just a coating for commercial or industrial facilities comes to the hardest decision of all. Where are you going to put your epoxy and how will you design it? Thankfully with the increasing popularity of epoxy, there are millions of different designs that you can see to build your own custom epoxies. No matter what you do or how you do it, we wish you the best of luck on all of your home improvement projects to come!